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Who can opt for online HR courses?

Anyone who wants to make a successful career in the field of Human Resource, can join our HR Training. Any student, irrespective of his/her technical or educational background, can become part of our educational programme.
We will help you to overcome every obstacle during training and master all the concepts of HR.

Job Seeker

Candidate who want to make their career in HR Profession and wanted to be leaders for tomorrow. And have zeal to acquire practical knowledge beyond college academics in entire gamut of HR process.


People who want to start their own HR Firm by providing entire gamut of HR Solutions like Recruitment, Payroll processing, Compliances and T&D to their clients.


HSC Or Any Graduate – ( any disciple), MBA – HR, who are passionate about HR Profession.

What you'll learn

Learn what is dexterous and why it is the need of the hour
Understand what is Conventional HR
Understand the Paradigm Shift from Traditional HR to dexterous HR
Learn what is dexterous Human Resources and its key components
Understand and explain dexterous methodologies and concepts that can be applied for HR function

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation and benefit is all about the various components used in the salary structure of an employee. Here we will learn different types of perks to be provided to employee and some mandatory deductions to be made from their salaries and finally how to design CTC of each employee taking different laws into consideration.


Here we will learn statutory compliances like Provident fund, Employee state Insurance, Professional tax Gratuity, Bonus and many more. How this rules will affect employee and employer in broader sense and can be used to protect the right of each other.

Labour Laws

Here we will learn the basic of labour laws like Minimum wages act, Bonus act, Gratuity act and many more and which are made by government bodies. This laws are very useful at the time of industrial disputes and various other occasions to resolve the matter.

Payroll Processing

Here we will learn entire application on cloud based software from making a new company to joining of an employee to their Full and final settlement. It as entire application of compensation & Benefits and compliances part on software. Practically application of payroll processing in companies and their salaries processing.

Online Challans

Here we will learn how to file own line challans for Provident fund, Employee state insurance, Professional tax and other. They are filled on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Strategic Human Resources Management-SHRM Here we will learn the higher end modules like Performance apprisals, Training and development, Employee engagement, corporate governance and HR audit.

HR Analytics

Here we will learn how HR analytics enables HR professionals to make data-driven decisions to attract, manage, and retain employees, which improves ROI. It helps leaders make decisions to create better work environments and maximize employee productivity.

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